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How we help

We help founders by offering them a broad range of services to grow their star-ups. We know that each start-up is unique and each start-up experiences a different set of problems. Our team has great experience in business development in various industries. We aim to use this experience to handle each problem with great care.


Our Priorities

New, Unique, Bold

The essence of our investment strategy can be summarized in three words. New as something that hasn’t been done before. Unique as something that hasn’t been looked on that perspective before. Bold as something that hasn’t been dared before.

Networking Effects

Our strategy in not only to invest in good companies, but to help them in various ways for them to scale faster. Our team is in the center of a large network and is willing to use this network for the good of our clients.


We value our clients’ time. That is why after our first meeting, we give our investment decision in 2 days. If we decide to invest, we finish the investment process at most in 30 days.


We value the pursuit of differentiation to create a new market and a new demand and by capturing an uncontested market space, making the competition irrelevant.


And more, We also value we also value sustainability, educational technologies, agricultural technologies and healthcare technologies.

We help founders reach their limits

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